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Never Ignore These Sounds Around Your Home

By Raymus Homes - 11-30-2020

There are many things in your home that may make occasional noises. From appliances to squeaky floorboards. Because little noises around the home generally do not mean anything, it is easy to ignore them. The problem with this is that depending on where they are coming from, some noises can alert you to a problem. So how can you learn to know what you should give attention to or not? Your friends at Raymus Homes are eager to help you out. Here are noises around the house that you should never ignore.

Scratching in the Walls

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you are just hearing things in your head or not. This can be especially true if you think that you hear scratching noises coming from behind your walls. If you ever find yourself in this scenario, however, make sure to investigate. If your house is warm and comfortable to you, odds are that critters will think so too. Sometimes they may even be successful in finding their way inside. If you have discovered or are suspicious that you have unwelcome guests in your attic or basement, make sure to call out a professional straight away. If left to their own devices, mice, racoons, or birds can wreak havoc in no time at all.

Water Leaking

If no one is currently using the plumbing and you hear water running, you could potentially have a seriously time sensitive issue on your hands. Water can cause significant damage rather quickly. As soon as you hear leaking water it is important to find the source, shut off the water supply, and either fix the issue yourself or call a plumber to do so.


Gas is an excellent fuel source, but it can be quite hazardous in certain cases. Typically, you will be able to smell a gas leak, but not always. Another way to detect a gas leak is if there is a hissing sound coming from your gas meter. If you ever hear that, remove yourself and your family off the premises and call a professional immediately.

Some house noises simply add charm and character. While others can spell disaster. Hopefully now you have the tools to know the difference between the two. For more helpful homeowner guides and inspiration, be sure to browse the rest of our blog page!