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How to DIY a Hair Tools Organizer

By Raymus Homes - 6-15-2022

Looking for a way to organize all the hair tools under your sink? We have just the project or you! Follow along as we outline how you can make your own hot hair tools organizer.

What You’ll Need

Before you get started, here’s what you’ll need.


-Pneumatic Nail Gun




-Tape Measure

-PPE (dust mask, eye goggles, hearing protection)


-Scrap Wood

-3-inch Hair Dryer Holder

-2-inch Curling Iron Holder

-Wood Glue


-Protective Finish

How to Create It

Do you have scrap wood lying around from old projects? This is the perfect time to put them to use! If they are all the same type of wood, great! But if not, that is ok too. A simple stain will give them a uniform look. Once you have sourced your pieces of wood, here is how the pieces should be cut.

Sides: 12 inches by 7 inches x’s 2

Bottom: 16 ½ inches by 11 ¼ inches

Back: 16 ½ inches by 7 inches

Dryer/ Curling Iron Organizer: 14 ¼ inches x’s 3

Brush/Comb Organizer: 7 ¾ inches by 6 ¼ inches

Brush/Comb Organizer: 6 ¼ inches

Once you have all your pieces cut in the sizes you need, it is time to assemble! Follow along with this PDF guide for even more detailed instructions.

After the piece is fully nailed and glued together, stain or paint the piece to your liking. And voila! Now you have a beautiful, functional, handcrafted organizer. This piece can be stored easily ​ under your sink. It can fit all your hair products, brushes, and hot tools in one simple place. Even if your tools are not fully cooled down, this little organizer is made to handle and safely store your tools even when hot. If you didn’t know what to do this weekend, consider taking on this project!

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