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Way to Increase Garage Door Security

By Raymus Homes - 9-28-2020

At Raymus Homes we carefully choose convenient, beautiful, and safe communities in which to build our homes. But in today’s world, taking extra measures to increase the security around your home is never a waste of time. That is why today, we want to share with you some excellent ways you can up the security around one area of your home in particular: your garage.

Frost Garage Windows

We love windows. They let in natural light and add character to every room, including the garage. The downside, though, is that burglars love garage windows as well. Through them, they can get a sneak peek into what belongings you have as well as if you are home or not depending on if there are cars in the garage. To combat this problem, you can apply a layer of frosted film to your windows to block uninvited gazes.

Take Your Garage Remote with You

It is common practice for many to place their garage door opener in their glove box or to clip it on the driver seat visor. This makes it incredibly convenient, especially if you tend to be quite forgetful. The problem with this, however, is that burglars are aware that people tend to keep their openers in these places. And therefore, those will be the first places that they will look to find this device. Once they have it, it is all too easy for them to help themselves to the items in your home. An easy solution is to just keep it in your purse or wherever you stow your car keys.

Install Cameras and Lights

Most burglars work under the cover of night because it increases the chances of them going undetected. You can make your home a high-risk target by installing motion sensor flood lights and cameras around your garage door area.

Lock the Door Leading to the Garage

Many rely on the security of a garage door and find it unnecessary to lock the door that connects the garage to the house. However, if implementing the above-mentioned security measures fail and a burglar can enter through your garage, leaving that door unlocked allows the intruder to walk right into your main living area with no effort at all. For optimal security, make it a habit to lock the door behind you when you enter your house from the garage.