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Avoid Making These Common Mistakes When Painting

By Raymus Homes - 1-24-2022

Paint has a powerful influence. When you want to update a room or revamp a lamp, the fastest way to do so is to paint it. Most of us have experience painting and while it is a simple DIY, there are mistakes you can make along the way. Here is a list of the most common painting mistakes people make so that you can be aware to avoid them the next time you take on a painting project.

Buying Cheap Brushes

You spend money on quality paint because you want the end results to look professional, but the paint is only one part of the equation. Many people choose to skimp and purchase cheap paint brushes and rollers, but this can leave you frustrated in the end. Cheap applicators often leave behind streaks and even bristles and fabric behind. They also do not hold up under repeat uses. So do yourself and future you a favor and get quality painting materials from the start.

Not Prepping

Prepping takes time and effort. It is very tempting to just skip it all together. You have a steady hand, you reason. You’ll be careful. And that may be true but taking the time to properly prep surfaces is guaranteed to make your life easier, provide the highest results, and give you peace of mind. So, spend a little time washing the surfaces you will be painting, tape off areas you want to remain paint free, and lay out a drop cloth to protect your furniture and flooring.

Overloading Your Paint

Another common mistake people make is overloading paint onto their paint brush or roller. This creates several problems. First, it increases the likelihood of drips onto your surroundings and also in your finished painted surface. And secondly, it ruins your painting tools because it matts brush rollers and leaves dried paint in the bristles of your brushes. Save yourself the waste and remove excess paint from rollers and only dip one third of your paint brush into the paint container.

Not Waiting Long Enough to Apply a Second Coat

We know how it is. You are just anxious to get your project done and enjoy the finished product. This feeling often leads people to rush applying a second coat of paint. Doing this will present you with a lot of heartache, however. It can completely ruin all the work you’ve put it thus far. Avoid frustration by waiting the suggested amount of time before applying a new coat. If you do not know what the suggested dry time is, 24 hours is a good rule of thumb.

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