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Which Kitchen Island Shape is Best for You

By Raymus Homes - 1-28-2020

If you do not have a kitchen island, odds are you want one. Islands are extremely versatile and can make meal prep and other kitchen activities much easier. More storage, more counter space, more dining room, all things islands can offer you. If you are contemplating adding this useful piece of equipment to your kitchen, Raymus Homes is here to help you figure out one important aspect: which shape to choose. The goal with any home improvement is to not disrupt the visual flow of the space. So, keep reading to discover pros and cons to all the different island shapes to choose from and find out which one will add to your space and not take away from it.


An L-Shape island is so dreamy! This shape is ideal if you have a nice amount of room in your kitchen. How much space you have will be a big consideration with this type of island because it takes up a lot of it. This also goes for a U-Shape island. But if you do not mind sacrificing a bit of walking space, an L-Shape island certainly gives more than it takes! Not only will you get extra storage space but counter space for days. And even a bar area for extra dining if you wish it.


If you think that your kitchen is too small to even consider an island, boy do I have news for you! Round kitchen islands are often smaller but still lend extra storage and counterspace. Some even come on wheels, so you can move the island around conveniently. Even if you have space to spare, you may still find the softness that a round shape offers appealing.


Rectangular islands are probably the most popular. Because of this, there are many style options to choose from, unlike some of the other shapes we have discussed. Since most traditional homes line kitchen counters and cabinets along the walls in a rectangle, a rectangular island flows well and compliments the space easily. You can customize the size and outfit it with as much storage as you need. If you are a home with little children, you may just want to have them be careful around the sharp corners.

Ultimately, whichever shape you choose, a kitchen island is bound to be a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your kitchen. If you are not sure if you like any of these options, you can most definitely go for a totally customizable one! Afterall, there is nothing quite like something that was made specifically for you. That is why at Raymus Homes we love working with families to build their dream custom home. If designing your own home is something you have been interested in, do not wait to call us today!