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Catching up with Matt and Joanne

By Raymus Homes - 8-14-2014

We had a chance to catch up with happy homebuyers, Matt and Joanne, at their beautiful Raymus home in Oakdale. Matt and Joanne moved last year into our Roosevelt home – 2,169 sq. ft., four bedroom, two and half
bath. Here is what they had to say about their brand, new home:

“The one thing we like the most about our home is the open floor plan. When we entertain, it’s great how the kitchen flows into the great room, creating an inviting and relaxed space. We also LOVE how the master bedroom is on the first story.

Decorating our new home was a really fun part of the process. Initially, we were nervous because our previous home had a lot of walls – how were we going to decorate all this open space? However, once we moved in and began decorating, we realized all those walls in her previous home had been constricting and it was amazing to have lots of open, flexible space.

We are also extremely pleased with the size of our backyard – the backyard is big enough for both relaxing and entertaining. Plus, our two dogs have plenty of room to roam!

One decision we are happy we made: doing all our upgrades while the home was being built instead of waiting until after we moved in. After all the packing and unpacking, it was such a relief that everything was ready to go in our new home – we didn’t need to start packing anything anytime soon. All of our upgrades were completely worth it – especially the outlets and plugs for speakers in the great room. It was a relief to have everything in place so when we were ready to buy and install speakers, all the hard work was done and it was super easy! There’s something comforting about moving into a house that doesn’t need any work done…”

Thanks, Matt and Joanne, for welcoming us into your home and sharing your story with us. We wish you many years of health and happiness in your new Raymus home!

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