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Grow Fresh Produce Indoors with These Plants

By Raymus Homes - 10-27-2021

There is nothing like picking fresh produce from your garden to use in your kitchen. Not only is it satisfying to know that you grew it but produce from your garden just tastes better. It is not sitting on the shelf and losing flavor. You know what pest management you used. If you want to start your own indoor garden but do not know where to begin, allow us to offer some suggestions on getting started.

Gather Supplies

To get set up, you first need to gather your needed supplies. Choose pots with good drainage to give roots room to breathe. Purchase a good all-purpose soil. And lastly, survey your home for the sunniest areas. Fruiting plants require a lot of sunlight in a day in order to produce. If you find that your home does not have the sunlight your plants need, you can invest in grow lights to supplement.

Best Produce for Indoors


Lemons are full of vitamins and add brightness and balance to drinks and dishes. They can also be a joy to grow indoors. You can begin a lemon tree from seed but bear in mind that it will take a few years to produce fruit. If you want more immediate results, purchasing a dwarf tree from a local nursery is your best bet. Make sure to allow it to get 10-12 hours of light a day and water the soil when the top two inches become dry. When the fragrant flowers begin to blossom, pollinate them by collecting the pollen with a clean, fine paintbrush and transfer the pollen from flower to flower.


Microgreens are another option that is packed with vitamins. They are easy to get started and pair excellently with salads as well as toppers to pizzas or morning toasts. Grab a shallow tray and an assortment of microgreen seeds from your local garden center. Spread a shallow layer of soil across the seed tray and then arrange your seeds over the top of that. Afterwards, cover the seeds with a thin topping of soil. Mist the top of the soil every day or so until the seeds begin to sprout. Once they have taken off, you can just snip off what you want to use in your cooking just like you would with herbs.


Tomatoes carry a range of vitamins like potassium, vitamin C, and lycopene, all in one little package. Once established, tomatoes grow abundantly. Give your tomatoes similar conditions as lemons. As they grow tall, make sure to offer them stakes or trellises so that their vines do not break under the weight of the fruit. Once they blossom, you can pollinate them by tapping the sides of the stems and allowing the pollen to fall over the rest of the plant.​

Hopefully this list is enough inspiration to help you get your indoor garden started. And because Raymus builds homes in beautiful Manteca California, you may even be able to grow some fruits and vegetables outdoors all year long. Look at our available homes to find the perfect home for you!