How Brokers and Realtors Can Work with Raymus Homes

Brokers & Realtors

Bring your client in on their first visit and receive a $5,000 Buyer Introduction Fee at Close of Escrow!

Raymus Homes values its relationships with the real estate professionals in our community. We understand what an integral part Broker’s play in the home buying process, and we appreciate that you entrust us with your clients.

We wish to share with you our policies regarding compensation for introducing us to your client. By following the guidelines below, you help ensure that everyone achieves a smooth, efficient, and rewarding outcome.


  • Raymus Homes offers a flat fee to Brokers who introduce their clients to us, and the clients choose to enter contact on a Raymus home. Buyer Introduction Fee is paid from the Seller’s escrow proceeds at close of escrow.
  • The Introduction Fee varies by neighborhood. Please consult the community sales team for details.
  • A Broker or Broker’s Agent must physically accompany and personally register his or her clients on their first visit to our neighborhood.
  • If a Broker’s client previously visited one of our neighborhoods unaccompanied and/or is already registered as a Raymus Homes prospect, unfortunately, the Broker will not be eligible to receive the Introduction Fee. However, the Broker is still welcome to assist the client with the homebuying process.
  • If a contract has not been executed within sixty (60) days of the initial registration by the Broker or Broker’s Agent, the registration automatically lapses and can only be re-established by re-registering the client. To re-register your client, you must personally return with your client and re-register for another 60 days. No email or text messaging registrations are allowed.
  • In the event a client registers or is working with more than one Broker, the decision shall ultimately lie with the client as to whom the referring Broker shall be. Only one Broker Introduction per client will be permitted.
  • Please be advised that Raymus Homes reserves the right to list a home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). In this circumstance, the Broker Introduction Program shall be terminated, and any commission will be paid according to the MLS rules, policies, and procedures.
  • The payment of an Introduction Fee does not establish an agency relationship between the Broker and Raymus Homes. Any compensation paid is for the Broker Introduction only.
  • If an executed contract is later terminated for any reason, Raymus Homes is not responsible for a Broker Introduction Fee to the referring Broker.
  • Homebuyers who are a Broker’s or Broker’s agent are eligible to receive the Broker Introduction Fee.


Raymus Homes will pay a Buyer Introduction Fee to the licensed brokerage company listed on the Broker Referral Addendum through, and upon the close of escrow, if and only if:

  • The Broker and Broker’s Agent (if applicable) listed on the Broker Referral Addendum is still currently employed by said brokerage.
  • The DRE licenses of the Broker and Broker’s Agent (if applicable) are active and in good standing.


Once registered, your client will be added to our CRM.

  • If your client’s desired home or homesite is not immediately available, then your client may be placed on our Buyer Priority List by getting pre-approved with one of our Preferred Lenders.
  • Our Priority List is organized by the date of pre-approval.
  • If a home or homesite that the client desires is still not available or the client has still not executed a contract sixty (60) days from registration, the Broker is required to re-register clients. Please see “Guidelines” above for details on the re-registration process.

Raymus Homes reserves the right to change or cancel its Buyer Introduction Program at any time without notice. However, Raymus Homes will honor the guidelines in place at the time when a Broker registers his or her client for sixty (60) days from the date of registration.