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Broker Registration

Bring your client for a visit to select neighborhoods and receive a 2% broker co-op at close of escrow!

We value our local agents and brokers and are committed to forming a partnership with you to help find the perfect home for your client.

Please physically accompany your client on their first visit to our neighborhood. Unfortunately, clients not accompanied by their Realtor during their first visit to Raymus Homes will not be eligible for a 2% broker co-op (referral).

Running late? Clients arriving before you? No problem at all! Just call our office (209-275-1483) or fill out the form below and let us know they will be arriving before you so we can be sure and mark the referral as yours :)

We look forward to helping your clients find the Raymus home that’s just right for them and building a friendship with you during a process!

At this time, we are only offering a broker co-op for the remaining homes at Rina's Grove. Unfortunately, we will not be offering a broker co-op for our Dolcinea neighborhood.