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Ridiculously Energy Efficient Homes

By Raymus Homes - 7-25-2014

Yes, you can have both.

Here at Raymus Homes, we’re giving you an excuse to brag – to brag how ridiculously energy efficient your new home will be!

We don’t do energy “upgrades.” We build you a home that is so above code and “green,” we are afraid it might grow roots! Just kidding, but seriously – wouldn’t that be cool? Energy efficient homes are healthier, super comfy, quiet (think: crickets in a Clint Eastwood western), and offer a better quality of life. And the best part – Mother Earth digs it!

Whether we want to admit it or not, energy costs are only going to rise in the future. Why not invest in a home that will help you save on utility bills now and for years to come?

The best part about Raymus homes: we don’t make you choose between energy efficiency and the option you’ve always wanted. Think of it this way – our energy efficient homes don’t cost you extra and they put you dollars ahead. This isn’t an “either/or” situation; you can have both! The cash you save on your utility bills can go towards options and upgrades that show your savvy sense of style – like the handset tile kitchen backsplash you’ve been pinning to your “Dream Home” Pinterest board.

So, toss indecision to the side and embrace the best of both worlds! Some builders may scoff that we’re giving too much away, that this is too good to be true. However, the Raymus way has always been to do what is best; best for the environment and – most importantly – what is best for our buyers.

Raymus Homes STANDARD energy efficient features:

  • Each Raymus home is individually third party certified and is held to the specifications outlined by the GreenPoint Rated system
  • Energy efficient central air conditioning with programmable thermostat keeping you comfortable no matter the outside temperature
  • Tight duct system for efficient heating and cooling plus superior indoor air quality
  • Fully insulated walls with R17 or greater & ceilings with R38 – making your home less expensive to heat & cool
  • Insulated exterior doors with weather stripping
  • Low VOC interior paint improving indoor air quality
  • Milgard® SunCoat® Low-E3 dual glazed white vinyl windows & sliding glass door provide consistent temperatures for year-round comfort, significant energy savings, and protect for your beautiful interior from fading
  • Energy efficient 50 gallon gas tanked water heater with thermal blanket
  • Radiant barrier roof sheathing – reducing attic temperature by up to 30ºF
  • Weather sensor irrigation timer that uses local weather to control your automatic sprinkler system – lowering water usage, saving time & money, and giving you one less thing to worry about
  • We don’t risk exposing you to the unknown, but potentially harmful, effects of spray foam insulation