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Time for a New Stove - Should Your Next One Be Gas or Electric

By Raymus Homes - 12-17-2021

Your stove is an integral part of your home. For most homes, it is used often, if not daily. So, it is understandable that when it comes time to purchase a new one, you want to research and make sure that you get one that will fit your needs the most. Aside from what brand of stove you want, you also need to consider the type you want. Most people just stick with the same type of oven that their kitchen is equipped for, but you can take the opportunity to make a switch from gas to electric or vice versa. If you are interested to know the differences between the two, keep reading.

Gas Stoves Need Gas Lines

If your current stove is electric, you will need a gas line installed in order to use a gas range. In most suburbs, this is not a difficult thing to do, but it could be trickier if you live further away from a city. Electricity is something that is guaranteed for most people to have access to, however. Especially where we build our Raymus Homes in Manteca.

Electric Stoves Are More Energy Efficient

Electric stoves conduct energy more efficiently. While induction cooktops are shown to be the most energy efficient heat conductor, electric stovetops still far outrank gas stoves in this category. Studies show that when cooking with gas, only about forty percent of energy is transmitted to food whereas eclectic stoves successfully transfer seventy percent of heat onto the food being prepared. If you are as interested in environmentally friendly options in addition to energy efficiency, it is also important to note that natural gas is extremely taxing on the environment. Meaning that electric stovetops are the greener option.

Gas Stoves Respond Quickly

If you are trying to lower the temperature of your stove, gas stoves will be able to do that more readily than electric. This can be an important difference, especially if you are cooking a dish that is sensitive to becoming burnt. Gas ranges can also help you with certain culinary techniques that electric ones cannot. Such as, charring, roasting, and flambéing.

Electric Stoves Are Safer

The benefits of a gas stove can also be their downside. Cooking with an open flame can help you create beautiful dishes, but an open flame still produces carcinogens that your family breathes in. It also increases the risk of other kitchen items catching fire. Of course, electric stovetops can produce fires as well if not paid attention to when in use, but gas stoves already have an active flame going which makes igniting other items easier. And then there is the increased risk of experiencing a gas leak if you do not handle turning the stove off and on properly. Make sure your carbon monoxide detector is always in working condition and always ensure that your stove knobs are fully turned off regardless of what kind of stove you have.​

At the end of the day, the type of stove you choose comes down to personal preference. Although we hope this article helped you in your comparison of the two. To see examples of beautiful kitchens with modern appliances, take a look at our Raymus gallery page or call to schedule a tour of our available homes!