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Oleander Estates will Transform Woodward Ave

By Raymus Homes - 3-31-2014

Worried about the traffic on Woodward Ave? Don’t be.

Raymus Homes’ new neighborhood at Oleander Estates – the Grand Prix Collection – will completely transform Woodward Avenue from the busy, fast street it is now into a small, safe, more local road.

The stretch of Woodward that borders Oleander Estates will be remarkably different from the Woodward Ave. locals are used to driving. This noisy, bumpy street will transform into a serene, safe and leisurely road – making it not only more pleasant to drive but also a fantastic choice for a new address. Additionally, to further slow traffic, roundabouts will be added to the intersection of Woodward Ave. and Oleander as well as at Woodward and the future Al Fonseca Drive.

These exclusive, sophisticated 16 Grand Prix homes will be set far back from the street and feature long, magnificent private driveways – further slowing down the pace and creating a friendly neighborhood vibe.

But why Raymus? Here at Raymus Homes, we know you have other options when it comes to purchasing your new home. But, we guarantee that no other home builder will help you craft the home you truly want – end enjoy doing it! We welcome your creativity and are willing to go the extra mile to massage our plans so they become uniquely yours – even to the point of rearranging interior walls if possible.

  • Dreaming of a bake center? We’ll do it for you
  • Have more shoes than you can count? We’ll happily install shoe racks in your closet.
  • Don’t like baths? We’ll gladly swap a tub for a walk-in shower.
  • Prefer a double oven? No problem!

At Raymus Homes, it’s our pleasure to build you the best home money can buy – we love building amazing homes. What other builders may consider “jumping through hoops” for buyers, we consider part of the creative personalization process.

So go ahead.

Ask other builders if they can do what Raymus Homes has been doing since 1947.