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What to Know About Saltwater Pools

By Raymus Homes - 6-18-2021

Even if you do not live in sunny Manteca, California, (although we think you should!) you’ve probably thought to yourself how nice it would be to have a pool. And we agree! Pools are fantastic for cooling off, incorporating aerobic exercise into your life, and just generally ideal for having a good time. If you are thinking about making the plunge, here are a few things to keep in mind about saltwater setups specifically.

Upfront Cost

It is important to note that saltwater pools are more expensive than chlorine pools upfront. Several factors can play a role into the final tally, such as if the pool is inground or above ground, or whether its fiberglass or gunite. Despite this, the pros of a saltwater pool may prove worth it.

Gentler on Skin

A saltwater setup utilizes an electrolytic chlorine generator to disperse salt into the water. As the salt processes through the generator, it is broken into its component parts. The result is a disinfectant that is effective yet easy on your skin compared to typical store-bought chlorine. In fact, most people agree that swimming in a saltwater pool makes their skin feel softer.

Less Maintenance

There is a lot of maintenance that comes along with traditionally chlorinated pools. PH tests, shocking, balancing calcium, alkalinity, and other chemicals. But with a saltwater pool, your electrolytic generator only releases chlorine as needed. This means that chemicals do not build up and get out of whack. All you must do is add salt as needed when the monitor shows you should.

No Need for Harsh Chemicals

With saltwater setups, you skip the need to keep concentrated chemicals stored around your house. With traditional pools you need to have these on hand to keep your pool’s water balanced. These chemicals can be very dangerous if pets find their way to them. And they can be lethal to local flora too. But with saltwater setups, you do not need any concentrated chlorine, clarifiers, stabilizers, or algaecides.

Ultimately, saltwater pools are excellent additions. They are refreshing, fun, and they increase property value!