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DIY Snow Globe Candelabras

By Carleigh Thompson, Intern - 12-16-2014


Looking for a project to put your and your home in the holiday spirit?

Whether you’re looking to enhance your holiday decor or you’re just looking for a cute DIY project, this is definitely for you…

Here is a cute and – most importantly – simple project that is sure to fill your home with holiday cheer!

Snow Globe Candelabras

From Camilla Fabbri’s Family Chic Blog

You will need:

Pencil or Pen

Cardboard or Cardstock

Wine Glasses (hello, Dollar Tree!)


Hot Glue

Figurines (just make sure they fit in the glass)

Fake Snow (found at your local craft store)

Candles optional


  1. Take your wine glass and place it upside down on cardboard/cardstock. Trace around the rim of the glass to make a circle that will serve as a “lid.”
  2. Cut out your circles from cardstock. Use hot glue to glue your figurines as close to the center of the circle as possible or in any position you like. Just make sure there is room for the wine glass to slide over.
  3. Add some fake snow to your wine glass. Be careful not to add too much – you don’t want to completely cover your figurine!
  4. After your figurines have dried, line the rim of the wine glass with hot glue. Then, with the snow in the wine glass, take your figurine circles and turn them upside down, putting them into the top of your wine glass like a lid.
  5. Carefully turn the newly covered wine glass over and place it in your home. Shake slightly to settle the snow at the bottom of your new snow globe.
  6. Finally place your candle on top and voila! Snow Globe Candelabra!

Like instructions with pictures? Click here to go directly to Camilla’s Family Chic blog.

This project is so easy; it’s a great project to do with family and friends. It also makes a wonderful gift for teachers and other people who love DIY gift.

Ready to take this project on? Send us your pics to Laurin ( and we’ll post them!

Happy Holiday from Raymus Homes!