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Make Your Yard a Haven For Pollinators

By Raymus Homes - 8-23-2021

Sure, no one likes it when bees get in their personal space, but that doesn’t mean that you do not want them around at all! Bees are crucial for the ecosystem. Sadly though, bee populations are on the decline today because of the damage people are doing to the environment. You can make a difference by making your yard a safe haven for bees to enjoy. Here’s how.

Ditch any Pesticides

People use pesticides to keep unwanted bugs out of their yards and gardens, but unfortunately, they spell trouble for bees. For a way to rid a yard of aphids while keeping the bees, try sprinkling diatomaceous earth into the garden. Another way to take care of unwanted insects is to let ladybugs and lacewings loose into the yard to eat any unwanted plant predators.

A Bit of Weeds Does Not Hurt

During some parts of the year, bees survive off weeds instead of their typical flowering plants. While some people prefer the look of a clean-cut garden, keeping a few weeds around will help desperate bees in their time of need. Perhaps you can leave a small patch in a corner of your yard that is not very visible. In particular, dandelions, clover and bee balm are beneficial for bees when flowers are scarce.

Bees Must Have Water

All types of life require water to survive, bees included. For bees, finding safe water sources to drink from can prove tricky. If you want to help, you can do so by keeping a shallow birdbath or a small bucket of water around so bees can have a nice place to drink from. A nice touch would be adding some stones to a water feature because bees can rest on them as they drink.

Vivid Flowers

Flowers are, of course, an essential part of inviting bees into a yard. Aromatic, bright flowers are best for setting up a yard for bees. Black-eyed Susan’s and lavender are perfect for encouraging bees to pollinate near your yard.

Here at Raymus Homes, we live to help you build your dream home at your dream homesite. We want to ensure you the flexibility to turn your home into anything that inspires you, including a safe haven for bees. Call us today to learn more about our process!