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Coronavirus Commonly Asked Questions

By Raymus Homes - 3-12-2020

​As I'm sure your inboxes are blowing up with messages about different companies' responses to the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to take a second to answer some of the questions we've been receiving and hopefully put your mind a little more at ease knowing that, like many other businesses, the health and safety of our visitors and homebuyers is second to none.

Q: What measures is Raymus Homes taking to ensure the sales office and models are “safe” to visit?

A: I know literally everyone is saying this, but it couldn’t be truer – YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY ARE OUR TOP PRIORITY! If it weren’t for homebuyers, we’d be out of business. We want to take exceptionally good care of every single person who visits our office. That being said, we’ve instigated some precautions that may seem “unfriendly” but are in the best interest of our mutual health.

  • Social Distancing – we’ll try to give you your “space,” not just to discuss your home purchase but also to keep our “droplets” to ourselves.
  • Handshake Free Zone – Like others, we’re opting for new, innovative greetings to say “hi” – like waving, smiling, or maybe a quick “Wakanda Forever.” Plus, handshakes are so (COVID) ’19…
  • So Fresh, So Clean – we have enacted enhanced cleaning measures including daily cleaning of commonly touched hard surfaces (like doorknobs and countertops) in our sales office and model homes. While we are doing our best to keep everything clean, we strongly recommend you refrain from unnecessarily touching surfaces in our model homes and that you wash or sanitize your hands after your tour. We have handwashing facilities on site to make being healthy super easy!
  • Don’t Tour if You Are Sick – this goes without saying but if you are feeling under the weather, it is best to take a “skip” and not visit our model homes. The models aren’t going anywhere and we guarantee you will enjoy the tour much more when you are feeling 100%. Plus, we have photos and videos on our website to help you ward off any feelings of FOMO.

Q: Is it safe to eat the cookies? Can I get coronavirus from your snacks?

A: Since we can’t handshake, the least we can do is offer you a signature Raymus Homes cookie!

Per the CDC website, “Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food. Before preparing or eating food it is important to always wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds for general food safety.”

But we’ve also added some additional precautions. We will keep our cookies covered (not an innuendo) and place each cookie on an individual napkin. We’ll also ask that you use a napkin when devouring…I mean enjoying… your cookie. Just as an FYI – our team always wears gloves when baking and handling the cookies and we disinfect the cookie tray between batches.

Q: Will you be changing the sales office and model complex hours?

A: We plan to stay open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. However, if anything changes, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Q: I’m over 65. Is it safe for me to visit your models?

A: Only you can know what is best for your health. As we described above, Raymus is taking extra measures to make sure our models are as safe and clean as possible. However, you may feel it isn’t worth the risk and we respect that decision. Just as a rule of thumb, our models are less busy during the weekdays and we are wiping down the models in the mornings as part of our opening procedures. So, weekday mornings may be the best time for our peeps over 65 to visit.

Q: What happens if someone on your team contracts COVID-19? Will I be notified?

A: While we are taking the necessary precautions to ensure this doesn’t happen, there is always a slight chance COVID-19 could be more resilient than our best efforts. If someone on our team tests positive for COVID-19, we will inform all those who may have had direct contact with the employee so they can monitor their health and take necessary precautions. Additionally, we will perform a deep clean of all spaces the employee may have entered or touched and monitor any other employees who were in contact with the affected employee.

Q: Will the COVID-19 outbreak delay the time it takes for you to build my new home?

A: Currently, we are not expecting COVID-19 to cause construction delays. Because of the safety measures required during the homebuilding process, many trades already wear masks and gloves as part of their regular routine. We believe this will help mitigate and slow workplace transmission.

However, if due to labor shortages because of illness or quarantine construction on your home is delayed, we will coordinate directly with you and provide frequent updates on the situation. We promise to be transparent about any delays and give real-time updates as we receive them. This would be the situation with a delay of any sort such as inclement weather, material shortages, etc.

Q: I don’t feel safe going to my contract, design, or escrow signing appointments. Do I have other options?

A: We still recommend attending your appointments in person. These appointments typically don’t involve more than 3-5 people and are held in either well-ventilated spaces or those that are regularly cleaned.

However, if you are still concerned about your health and don’t feel good going to an appointment, let’s talk more and see if we can find a solution that you are comfortable with but doesn’t compromise the “in-person” experience.

Q: What happens if I am temporarily laid off or lose my job because of the virus?

A: If your hours are cut or you are temporarily laid off because of lessened demand at your workplace due to the coronavirus outbreak, let’s talk in more detail. All of us here are hoping and praying that the virus’ impact will lessen, and things will normalize in 3-4 months. There may be a way, depending on the status of your home, that you can proceed with the purchase and own the home you’ve been dreaming of.

If your job is cut during this difficult time, our heart aches for you. Please let us know immediately. In the instance of a job loss, if you no longer can qualify to purchase your home, we will refund your full deposit.