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What to Do with Weeds

By Raymus Homes - 9-29-2022

Anyone with a lawn knows what it is like to battle with weeds. After you have done the chore of removing these pesky plants from your landscaping, what should you do with them? Don’t just leave them lying around! Here are some ways that you can... [read more]

Fun and Versatile Wall Decor Ideas

By Raymus Homes - 8-23-2022

Our Raymus Homes are designed in a way that you feel inspired to make it your own. Filling blank walls with items, colors, and images that bring you joy is important to making a house a home. If you are looking for inspiration in... [read more]

Summer Energy and Money Saving Tips

By Raymus Homes - 7-27-2022

At Raymus, we know how to build for the area we live in. All our homes are built with insulating stucco and other complementary materials. When your house is built with insulating materials, your HVAC system does not have to work as hard to... [read more]

How to DIY a Hair Tools Organizer

By Raymus Homes - 6-15-2022

Looking for a way to organize all the hair tools under your sink? We have just the project or you! Follow along as we outline how you can make your own hot hair tools organizer.

What You’ll Need

Before you get started, here’s what you’ll need.

... [read more]

Things to Avoid Pressure Washing

By Raymus Homes - 5-20-2022

Many people are taking advantage of the warmer weather to clean their homes inside and out. And for many, tidying up around their home’s exterior is a lot easier and faster with the help of a pressure washer. This tool can certainly make cleaning a breeze,... [read more]

Stop Before You Try to DIY These Home Projects

By Raymus Homes - 4-27-2022

Our Raymus homes are designed to fit the needs of the families that buy them. But it is only natural that when you live in your home, your needs change. Your tastes may change or your family might have grown. Whatever the reason, after... [read more]

Staples to Stock Your Kitchen With

By Raymus Homes - 3-25-2022

Spending time in your kitchen shouldn’t be a chore. In effort to make kitchen activities easier and more streamlined, many homeowners invest in an ever changing carousel of new kitchen gadgets and unitaskers. All these items can quickly clutter up your kitchen space and... [read more]

Spice It Up with Dried Peppers

By Raymus Homes - 2-25-2022

Fresh peppers are a great addition to any recipe, but if you want to make sure that you always have peppers on hand, consider keeping dried ones. Drying foods has long been used as an effective way to preserve foods. And when you dry peppers, it... [read more]

Avoid Making These Common Mistakes When Painting

By Raymus Homes - 1-24-2022

Paint has a powerful influence. When you want to update a room or revamp a lamp, the fastest way to do so is to paint it. Most of us have experience painting and while it is a simple DIY, there are mistakes you can make along... [read more]

Time for a New Stove - Should Your Next One Be Gas or Electric

By Raymus Homes - 12-17-2021

Your stove is an integral part of your home. For most homes, it is used often, if not daily. So, it is understandable that when it comes time to purchase a new one, you want to research and make sure that you get one that will... [read more]