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Glass Designs for the Home

By Craftsman Glass - 12-16-2013

Of all the materials used for construction and decoration in the home, few have the potential to be as striking, beautiful and versatile as glass. There are many ways in which glass can used, for any number of decorative styles. If you’re going for a modern, clean decoration scheme, glass can fit the bill. At the same time, a different type of glass can just as easily be applied to a more colorful, contemporary style with bright, contrasting hues. The possibilities are almost endless.

In the same manner as mirrors, glass panels also have the tendency to reflect light, making small rooms appear larger and brighter. If a homeowner does not want the reflectivity, the effect can be reduced by treating the glass with non-reflective materials. Glass panels can come in many colors, designs and textures. Many glass workers can create custom designs as well.

Glass coffee tables have become quite common over time. Most consist of a solid frame or base with a glass panel placed over the top. Often times, the bottom portion takes the form of an elaborate design, such as a wooden or metallic sculpture. If the right design is chosen, glass coffee tables can be a beautiful addition to any living room.
Glass table tops can also be applied to other types of types of tables to protect the finish or display a particular pattern.

In line with the modern look, glass railings, either frameless or with chrome-finished frames, can be a striking feature that can compliment any staircase, balcony or deck. Many offices and upscale hotels employ them in their design schemes.

There are many varieties of glass tiles. They have certain advantages over porcelain tiles, including being easier to clean and install and coming in a variety of colors and designs. If the seams are sealed properly, glass is naturally waterproof, making it ideal for kitchen and bathroom floors.

In any modern art museum, you’re likely to find numerous sculptures and hanging images made primarily with glass. Aside from the standard vases and sculptures, you can also find elaborate, abstract art pieces that can be a unique addition to any home.

Using glass opens up a world of possibilities for interior decorating. Craftsman Glass, the provider of this article, has been doing glass repair and custom glass designs in Denver, CO.