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Stop Before You Try to DIY These Home Projects

By Raymus Homes - 4-27-2022

Our Raymus homes are designed to fit the needs of the families that buy them. But it is only natural that when you live in your home, your needs change. Your tastes may change or your family might have grown. Whatever the reason, after some time in one place, you may get the desire to make home improvements or renovations. You might even want to take on these projects on your own. But wait before you do! Some renovations when not done properly or with the proper permits or qualifications can wind up biting you later on. Here are a few examples of home renovations you should avoid doing yourself.


Doing major repairs on your HVAC system is one area that should definitely be left to the professionals. For one, you put yourself at risk of exposure to dangerous leaks such as freon whenever dealing with HVAC systems. Additionally, some manufacturer’s will void your warranty if non-professionals tamper with their systems. That’s why it is best to call a licensed professional for major HVAC repairs. Simple things like changing filters and repairing small portions of duct work, however, are perfectly fine to handle on your own.

Septic Work

It's tempting to DIY what you can to save a little money, but you might be relieved to know that repairing and maintaining your septic system is another task that you should leave to professionals. Major septic work requires special permits and equipment, which is why you should just call up a professional for this kind of work.

Reconfiguring Walls

Removing a wall or two can seriously open up the layout for some houses. And light demolition seems like something you can handle yourself, surely. But spending on your city, you might be required to have a permit for this project, and depending on your home, the wall you want to remove might be load bearing. For these reasons, it's best to leave this project up to the professionals.

In conclusion, even if you have the skills needed to complete a project yourself, these are a few examples of ones that you shouldn't. These home renovations and projects are simply best left to the professionals.