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Summer Energy and Money Saving Tips

By Raymus Homes - 7-27-2022

At Raymus, we know how to build for the area we live in. All our homes are built with insulating stucco and other complementary materials. When your house is built with insulating materials, your HVAC system does not have to work as hard to keep you comfortable. All this results in money in your pocket and not in the hands of your energy suppliers. Even still, your air conditioning may be working extra hard this summer against record high temperatures. Here’s how you can stay comfortable while keeping your energy bill in a comfortable place as well.

Create Shade

Shade is nature’s cooling option. When you are outside, sure, you probably seek a shady tree to shield you from the sun, but that same shade can help you inside your home as well. When creating a landscape for your home, choose trees and shrubs that will cast shade onto your house. Additionally, you can install awnings and trellises that serve as decor and shading options. Blocking sun from harshly entering your home through windows and doors and from beating onto your siding will greatly reduce temperature increases.

Dawn Your Windows with Curtains

In conjunction with shady landscaping, you can increase the shade inside your home even more with the use of curtains. When the sun is at its hottest, drawing the curtains on your windows will do much to keep the inside of your home comfortable. Black out curtains will offer the most in terms of heat reduction, but any curtain is better than none.

Make Sure Your Ducts are Sealed

Leaky HVAC ducts can be the source of a 40 percent decrease in air conditioning efficiency. If you have leaks in your ductwork, you're paying for it in your monthly bills. If your energy bills seem higher than they should be, it can be worth it to have a technician come out and assess the situation.

Oh, and while you're at it, don’t forget to change your HVAC filter! A dirty filter means that your system must work hard to function, which translates to higher operating costs. During peak summer seasons, you should change your filter once a month.

Switch to LEDs

LED bulbs are superior to incandescent bulbs for many reasons. They may be slightly more expensive upfront, but they last longer. So, you save money because you do not have to change them out as often as traditional bulbs. LEDs also emit less heat than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

And there you have it! Four ways to keep your home and wallet cool this summer.