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Childproofing the Bathroom

By Raymus Homes - 4-30-2021

Even the most basic parts of your home can become dangerous when there is a child involved. Think about these important tips to childproof your bathroom so that your kids will stay safe.

Secure Entryways and Exits

Make sure that all entryways and exits, from the bathroom door to the windows leading outside, are guarded. You should put a childproof door lock on your door too. Be sure to add a childproof cover to the inside and outside knobs to keep from getting locked out of the bathroom. You should add a childproof lock to the bathroom window, especially if it is on the second floor or higher.

Water, Electricity, and Chemicals

Children are not aware of the dangers that water, medicines, sharp objects, and chemicals could cause. The best way to prevent a disaster is to make sure that children cannot reach anything that would harm them. Cabinets that are near the ground, and even those over the vanity, should all have locks installed into them. This will help keep curious little hands from getting into them unsupervised.

You can stop a potential drowning by putting a lock on the toilet and always keeping the seat locked down. Take cleaning products, beauty products, medicines, and other chemicals and put them in a locked cabinet. Make sure that you look around and check for any liquids or toiletries that could be dangerous to young children.

Always move anything that you are plugging in away from water. After you have used anything that you plug in, put it up securely. You should also make certain that there are covers on all electrical outlets to prevent children from sticking objects or their fingers inside of them.

Your kids will be drawn to the trashcan even if it is not right next to them. Make sure that you watch out for things like old medicine or razors. Be careful about throwing away anything that could harm your children.

Making Bathtime Fun and Safe

You can put slip-resistant mats into your bathroom. These mats can stop slips on damp floors or a wet tub.
It is very important to practice safe bath-time habits. Never leave your young baby or child alone in the tub. You will also want to teach your child to stay seated in the water. If there is a reason why you must leave the bathroom for an instant, make sure that you bring your child with you.

You will want to check the temperature of your household water. Make sure that it is set to 120 degrees maximum in Fahrenheit and in Celsius go for 49 degrees maximum. You can also add anti-scalding faucets or devices for extra safety.

We hope these tips help you to make your bathroom a safe place for kids!