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How to Baby Proof Your House

By Raymus Homes - 12-26-2019

Part of the American dream is to own a home and to share it with your family. That is one of the reasons why Raymus Homes works so hard on building quality homes that are built to last, so that you can share yours with your family for generations.

If you are expecting a new addition to your merry band, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when preparing your home for your new little person. Especially if it is your first one. Rest assured though, there is no need to go overboard and bubble warp your entire home in order to keep your baby safe. Here are a few areas, however, that you may want to pay attention to in preparation for your little one.

Test Small Objects

Since everything is new to babies, babies are curious about everything. Take stock of easy to reach, small items. Reuse an old toilet paper tube and test if small items can pass through. If so, then this item is a choking hazard for your baby. Be sure to find a place for such things that are out of the reach of small hands.

Wrap up cords

An area that may not have crossed your mind is your blinds. Approximately one child a month dies after being entangled in a blind cord. Dangling rope can be very attractive to infants. Make it less appealing by either going for cordless blinds or by making sure you properly keep the cords wrapped up. Out of sight, out of mind.

Keep the Bathroom Off Limits

The bathroom can be quite the playground for inquisitive minds. The problem is that the bathroom is likely full of all sorts of things that you do not wish your baby getting into. Babies are likely to find medicines and harsh cleaning products in your bathroom. Additionally, babies can drown in small pools of water. So, you will want to remove the temptation for your baby to play in the toilet or bathtub by putting baby proof knob coverings on the bathroom door.

Get on Your Baby’s Level

Many experts suggest literally getting on your hands and knees to survey your home for potential dangers. When you put yourself at the same eye level as your little one, it will be easier for you to spot things that may attract them, such as electrical sockets. Babies quickly develop an interest in learning what things go together or fit together. So, be sure to cover your electrical sockets. Placing bumpers on the corners of tables and walls will also protect your baby.

When it comes to something as precious as a baby, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are unsure of whether or not something is a potential danger, just go ahead and neutralize it as best you can. We hope that this little guide is helpful to you in the days to come. And from our family to yours, congratulations on your new baby!