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When Recycling Pays

By Raymus Homes - 12-22-2022

Reduce, repurpose, reuse. These are ideas that can help us all lead a less wasteful lifestyle. And sometimes, recycling can earn you a little money. Here’s how.

Metal Materials

Steel, aluminum, copper, and bronze can all be melted down and repurposed. So, if you have scraps, don’t just throw them out! Save them for your local scrap yard. Some areas have several metal scrap yards that offer different rates, so make sure you do your research to figure out which one will give you the most money for your goods.

Toilet Paper Centers

Most households go through toilet paper on a frequent basis. If you have a lot of family members in your household, this is even more so the case. But don’t just throw away those toilet paper rolls! Believe it not, there are people who will buy those rolls from you. People that are big into crafting utilize a lot of toilet paper centers. Etsy or Facebook Marketplace are great places to list bundles of toilet paper rolls. And because they are so light, shipping them is relatively inexpensive.

Wine Corks

Another item that is valuable in the crafting community is wine corks. If you are a fan of enjoying a glass of vino in your Raymus home, keep those wine corks around. Just keep a bin in your kitchen or wine cellar and once it gets filled up, ship them off to grateful buyers.

Vehicle Batteries

When your car needs a new battery, what do you do with the old one? Many car part retailers will offer you rewards for turning in your old batteries with them. AutoZone will give you gift cards for them. And if you cannot turn them in with a retailer like that, you can always add it to your metal pile for the next time you make a trip to your local scrap yard.

In conclusion, think twice before you go to throw something out. You may just be throwing away money.

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