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Items to Leave Behind the Next Time You Move

By Raymus Homes - 10-31-2023

Moving is a lot of work, but streamlining your belongings can make the moving process more efficient and reduce clutter in your new home. Plus, some things are best left with the house and its new owners anyway. Here are some of those items that are best left behind during a move.

Warranties and Manuals

While it's a good idea to keep warranties and manuals for your major appliances and electronics, you don't need to bring all of them. If you've already registered your products online, you can access the information digitally. Consider discarding outdated or redundant manuals. Paper clutter can easily become overwhelming, so the less you have, the better.

Old Paint

If you have leftover paint from past projects, not only can these be tricky to move, but they can be nice to leave behind for the new homeowners. That way, they can have paint left for needed touchups. Leave them in an area where they can be easily found by the new owners, like in a closet.

Excessive Clothing

Moving is an excellent opportunity to declutter your wardrobe. Leave behind clothing that no longer fits, is damaged beyond repair, or hasn't been worn in years. Consider donating or selling items in good condition.

Non-Essential Furniture

Moving is a great opportunity to evaluate your current furniture to determine what is essential for your new space. Bulky or outdated furniture that doesn't fit your new home's layout or style can be left behind, donated, or sold.

Excess Furniture Hardware

If you have a collection of extra screws, bolts, or furniture hardware, consider whether you'll need them for reassembly in your new home. Otherwise, they can be left behind. Leaving spare hardware that fits items around the house can potentially be very useful for the new homeowners.

In conclusion, when preparing for a move, it is a good idea to carefully assess your belongings and consider whether each item is worth transporting to your new home. By leaving behind these unnecessary or outdated items, you can simplify the moving process and start fresh in your new living space and give the new homeowners items that they might fight useful.

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