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Interesting Houseplants to Decorate With

By Raymus Homes - 1-26-2021

One of the joys of owning a home is filling it and decorating it with things you love. Last year many were drawn to adding houseplants to their homes, wanting to bring the much-missed outdoors in. If you were one of those individuals, you may now be craving some more interesting, unique houseplants to dot around your home. If so, we have a few suggestions for you!

Nematanthus Gregarius or Goldfish Plant

If you are a fan of interesting flowers, you may want to pick up a goldfish plant. If you have not yet guessed, the flowers resemble adorable orange goldfish. The leaves are a deep, shiny green, which provides the perfect contrast to the cheery orange of the flowers. To keep this plant from going belly up, be sure to place it in a space that gets bright indirect light and water it when it gets 80% dry.

Davallia Canariensis or Rabbit’s Foot Fern

Another interesting plant that gets its nickname from its resemblance to an animal is the rabbit’s foot fern. It has fuzzy, creeping rhizomes that remain above the soil and those dainty, lacy fronds that are common among ferns. This plant is an excellent one to add if you want to incorporate some whimsical storybook vibes. It prefers to be kept away from direct light and for its soil to be kept moist to keep crispy leaves at bay.

Jatropha Podagrica or Buddha’s Belly

The Buddha’s Belly plant is an otherworldly looking plant that can be surprisingly easy to care for. It has a bloated bark-like base, hence the Buddha’s Belly nickname. It has funny lily pad-like leaves and can develop lovely coral flowers. Because it stores its water in its base, it is a great candidate for those that like plants that they can neglect a bit and it enjoys bright indirect light.

Euphorbia Obesa or Baseball Plant

Baseball plant, pincushion plant, or whatever you call it, this drought tolerant plant is so stunning it is difficult to believe that it’s real. Perfectly round, it has dainty seams all along its edges. They come in a variety of colors to suit any pallet and require a drought period in Winter and infrequent waterings during their growing season. Place this guy in a sunny window and enjoy!

Ramus operates in sunny California. An ideal place for many houseplants to thrive all year round. Look at our available homes and claim your slice of paradise today.