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Getting Your House Appraised? Do These Things First

By Raymus Homes - 11-29-2022

Regardless of if your goal is to put your home on the market or to refinance, getting your home appraised is essential. And the number that the appraiser comes back with will greatly influence your options moving forward. If you want your home to appraise for as much as possible, do these things first.

Fix Safety Hazards

Something that appraisers will note are safety hazards, and it won’t be in your favor. That’s why it is important to address any known hazards before you get your appraisal done. Handrails, stairs, and decking are some common areas that present safety hazards when not in good condition. For the most part, enforcing these places with extra screws will do the trick.

Handle Clutter

Something that can detract from all the good your home has to offer is clutter. Let your home shine by tackling clutter before your appraisal. Make sure everything is neat and has a place. For things that you cannot find a place or use for, discard or donate them.

Boost Curb Appeal

The first impression that an appraiser will get of your home is from the street. Which is exactly why making the outside of your home look as nice as possible is so important. Be sure to mow the lawn, weed, and edge the yard before their arrival. Trimming and shaping trees and bushes will also lend to a neat appearance. Clean your driveway with a pressure washer. Clear windows of dirt and cobwebs. Touch up any chipped paint around your home as well. And as a final touch, why not make your front door more welcoming by placing a welcome mat and decorating your front porch with some greenery.

Give Your Home a Thorough Cleaning

Once you have addressed safety hazards, decluttered, and dressed up your front porch, all that is left to do is give your home a thorough cleaning. In addition to your regular cleaning, don’t neglect to give attention to carpets, baseboards, and windows.

Doing all these things will ensure that your home is able to display itself in the best possible way before your appraiser comes. And that will translate to more money in your pocket.

If you are getting an appraisal with the intention of putting your home on the market, you will need a new place to call home. Raymus Homes would love to help you with that. Take a look at our available homes today or give us a call to schedule a tour.